Room 13


17 m²






Apartmani Zrenjanin is located in the heart of the city. And all the most significant historic buildings, statues, as well as numerous coffee shops and restaurants, are close by even on foot.

As in all rooms, part of our accommodation capacity, interior of Room 13 is stylish and fully equipped. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere in the room, it’ll be easy for you to relax and get your well-deserved rest.

Just outside a short hallway is an entrance to a bigger room while a spacious bathroom with a glass shower cabin is on the left.

You‘ll find the two twin beds, covered with high-quality sheets are comfortable, perfect for calm sleep and joyful dreams. And a closet with a big mirror is also there, so you can put your things away.

Excellent quality laminate tiles cover the floor. And two big windows with blinds allow abundant natural light into Room 13 during daytime while you can adjust the lighting in the evenings as you please.

Also, an air conditioner is at your disposal, so you can simply regulate the temperature, whether you want to heat or cool down the space.

During your stay in Room 13, you can enjoy one of the TV channels on our large LCD screen. Thanks to the cable television, the channel list is huge. And if you need to work or want to enjoy other content, you can also use a free Wi-Fi connection.

In the end, we invite you to set some time aside and walk its serene streets or chat with our friendly fellow citizens even if your trip to Zrenjanin is business related.

The breakfast is phenomenal and the staff kind and ready to do everything to please the guests.