Why do business travelers prefer apartments to hotels?

Zašto poslovni putnici radije biraju apartmane u odnosu na hotele?

Business travelers have changed their habits over time, gradually deciding to stay in private apartment accommodation more often. The struggle between the hotel market and the private apartment market has been going on for years and hotels seem to be slowly losing this battle. More and more guests are turning to renting apartments for their travels, and the reasons are very clear and unambiguous. Free internet, more freedom and comfort, a more relaxed atmosphere are just some of them.

What sets business travelers apart from tourists?

There is no doubt that business travelers are a valuable group that you want to attract. By the way they book, you can conclude that they are not seasonal travelers. On average, travelers on business trips book 19% more working days than tourists. In addition, they usually book at a shorter time, which leaves you with the option of booking vacant units at any time.

Also, business guests almost do not require much attention, because they spend most of their time working alone or traveling from one business meeting to another.

5 reasons why business travelers prefer apartment accommodation

According to official data from booking.com, business travelers are 50% less likely to cancel their stay, and 60% more likely to return to the accommodation where they have already stayed. When it is necessary to work during the trip, passengers set aside certain contents necessary for booking accommodation.

So what are the key details that interest them the most when it comes to finding the right apartment?

  1. Possibility of invoicing and payment via invoice

By paying rent through an account, often before the trip, business travelers can plan expenses in advance and at the same time avoid potential surprises in the form of new, hidden costs that can further burden pre-planned travel expenses.

Unlike most hotels, which usually allow business travelers to pay only on the spot or by card, registered apartment accommodation also provides the option of payment via bill in advance.

  1. Better value for money

The growing practice of renting apartments has arisen as a need for companies to reduce their costs. However, business travelers do not want to compromise on comfort, and they are looking for accommodation that is cheaper than hotel accommodation, but of similar quality.

In addition, one of the main motivating factors for renting an apartment is the size of the space in which they stay. With an average area of ​​42 m2, rented apartments offer a large common area, but also complete independence of individuals.

  1. Freedom

Unlike hotels where there is a clearly defined house rules, where you have to take care of other guests and their peace, staying in an apartment gives you more freedom during daily activities, from the first morning coffee to late evening hours. Such trips can also be a combination of work and rest. Renting an apartment thus allows clients the opportunity to spend a weekend with colleagues or family after a business trip.

  1. Proximity to the office and the administrative part of the city

When it comes to business trips lasting several nights, travelers generally make their decision based on the location of the apartment. Due to the large selection of apartments in different locations, they can find accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the location where they perform their business duties, where they may be a few minutes walk away from the temporary office.

  1. Team building opportunities and greater comfort

With much greater comfort, which brings apartment accommodation, but also privacy without disturbing the hotel staff and without noise, business travelers will complete their obligations much faster, and thus will have more time to rest.

Research has shown that more than half of bookings on magicevent.com, which is designed exclusively for business guests, are made for more than two people: sharing the same apartment encourages team building, especially when the apartments are spacious enough to accommodate the whole team.

Companies can develop team spirit through various activities such as joint dinner preparation, or through tasting selected wines.

It is also concluded that it is important for business travelers to have access to their kitchen. That way they have complete freedom and independence to dine when it suits them, without any pressure or time constraints.

A large number of guests often stay on business trips for more than a few days, in which case staying in a private apartment proves to be a much better option for several reasons.

During the stay in the apartment, the guest will not feel like he is on a business trip, because all accommodation units of Apartment Zrenjanin are decorated to give you a feeling of home and comfort. The relaxed and more private atmosphere of the apartment will help you overcome the separation from family and your city much easier, focus on the goal of the trip, but also relax and enjoy your free time during your stay.

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