Karadjordje stadium

Karadjordje stadium

The city of sports got an improved Karadjordje stadium

A tradition longer than a century

The first game at the city stadium was played exactly 109 years ago. Since then, the Zrenjanin stadium has changed its appearance.

Our stadium hosts several clubs: Football clubs Proleter 2006 and Banat, athletic club Proleter, but also volleyball clubs Klek Srbijasume and Proleter, which traditionally perform summer preparations on the stadium’s trim track.

What’s new for us?

For the largest city in Banat, Karadjordjev Stadium has a great value, which was confirmed with a donation of 250 million dinars. The Administration for Capital Investments of AP Vojvodina approved 250 million dinars to the City of Zrenjanin for the realization of the second phase of the reconstruction of the City Stadium in Karadjordje Park.

This year, works will be carried out on the renovation of the football field, renovation of the locker rooms, stands and the wall around the stadium. Our athletes, but also everyone who decides to organize their physical preparations in Zrenjanin, will be happy with the fact that they will have better conditions for work and progress in their sports goals.

What is commendable, the people of Zrenjanin will renovate the City Stadium in the year in which the city was declared the European City of Sports in 2021. In addition to the City Stadium, Zrenjanin boasts two sports halls – Madison Hall and Crystal Hall, Martial Arts House and sports and recreation centers Partizan and Mala Amerika.

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