A unique Serbian city – Zrenjanin

Apartmani Zrenjanin

Zrenjanin is a city in the plains of Banat region in Serbia. Peaceful and yet full of life, it‘s famous for its rich history and a high level of ethnic and cultural tolerance among its settlers. In fact, as soon as you get out and revel in the city streets you‘ll hear people speak in several languages. Citizens of Zrenjanin get along with one another, respect each others‘ nationality and culture and nurture warm and heartily relationship with everyone. Magnificent buildings in downtown Zrenjanin date back from 19th century and show a glimpse of onetime city life, while the City Hall, Palace of Justice and Catholic Cathedral in the heart of the city represent old-time architecture gems and the art of old masters. Even though Zrenjanin had changed its name several times throughout history, it remained faithful to its core values at all times. Its first known name was Veliki Bechereck (Great Bechereck), then Petrograd (Petersburg) and after the World War II it was named Zrenjanin, the name it proudly wore ever since. Zrenjanin is referred to as the city of sports because some of the greatest athletes and Olympic, European and World champions, who have earned the gratitude of the city for their fascinating success, were born in Zrenjanin and still live here. Some of them are brothers Grbic, Dejan Bodiroga and Ivan Lendjer.

The current world champion in long jumping, Ivana Spanovic, volleyball players Maja Ognjenovic, Jovana Brakocevic, and many more women athletes who were born and live in Zrenjanin left a great mark in Serbian sport.

The river Begej runs through the very heart of the city and not less than eight remarkable bridges that cross it, are its finest ornaments. There used to be two more bridges, one of which, the most famous Eiffel bridge was built in 1904, but was then dissembled and cut to pieces in 1969. And the second one used to connect the center of the city and a settlement Mala Amerika, but when the path of the river Begej was changed to create 3 artificial city lakes, the bridge lost its purpose and is now called Most na suvom (The dry bridge).

You can get away from a city bustle to the lungs of the city, a few beautiful parks, Karadjordje’s park, Park poljubaca (the Park of Kisses), Plankova bašta (Planco‘s garden) and Seceranski park (Sugar factory park). During the last week in August, traditionally, one of the most significant Serbian tourist manifestations and the most famous Zrenjanin brand, Dani piva (Beer days) takes place.

The whole city comes to life in nighttime and Zrenjanin becomes the true “Capital of fun and culture.”

With a rich repertoire of the Serbian oldest theater with well-preserved baroque hall Tosa Jovanovic, an entertaining programme of the Cultural Centre, numerous bars, clubs, pubs, and coffee shops, you can‘t help but have an amazing time in Zrenjanin!

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