7 things to do in Zrenjanin in winter

Zima u Zrenjaninu

Quiet city, Zrenjanin. No traffic jams, screaming billboards or wild nightclubs. Perfect city for those who wish to avoid the crowds and seek peace.

Especially in winter, citizens of Zrenjanin relax and turn to their families while the whole city sinks into a half-sleep.

Still, don’t assume you won’t have anything to do or anywhere to go during your stay in Zrenjanin.

Au contraire, with a bit of will power you can have a good time, as you would in much bigger cities. Minus the long commute, taking ages to find an appropriate parking space and being overwhelmed by too many people in tiny spaces.

Go for a walk around the old city core

The old city core stands for most landmarks and beautiful Zrenjanin old-time buildings, scattered between the three squares: Žitni trg, Zoran Djindjic square and the Square of Liberty. As you walk you’ll pass by real architectural delights, such as the City Hall, also known as Palace of Zupania. This building has been symbolizing Zrenjanin on postcards for the last 100 years.

If you get a chance, come on in, explore the old-time interior design of the building. You won‘t be disappointed. And the majestic stain glass designs that represent personifications of “Power”, “Justice” and “Wisdom” next to the main staircase is a feast for the eyes.

The beautiful Catholic Cathedral was built in the XIX century in the spirit of romanticism and in neo-romanesque style. It was built on foundations of the previous church for which the order to make it came personally from Empress Maria Theresa.

The perfect copy of Da Vinci’s Last Supper is worth paying special attention to, when inside the church.

Next to the statue of King Petar I Karadjordjevic and the City Hall, the Catholic Cathedral dominates the Square of Liberty.

The Palace of Finance in the old days and the National theatre now is also one of the magnificent buildings worth exploring.

Prologue your romantic stroll around the 3 lakes of Zrenjanin

Once upon a time, the river Begej run through downtown Zrenjanin. But then its meanders were cut through. The story still has a happy end. Now there are 3 cute artificial lakes instead. And they‘re just big enough for you to get into a romantic mood while circling around.

The towners often enjoy in long walks around the lakes for they pass by some of the most beautiful buildings in Zrenjanin, such as the brewery Lazar Dundjerski, the Palace of Justice, Calvinist church and others.

Also, as you walk around these lakes, you’ll run into an interesting bridge that bridges – nothing. Most na suvom (the Dry bridge)  used to connect the city center and the settlement Mala Amerika, but when the course of the river was changed, it lost its purpose.

Visit the theatre Tosa Jovanovic

When the weather is bad though, you can check what’s on in National Theatre Tosa Jovanovic. Not only this theatre’s repertoire for adults is rich and includes both regular plays and musicals, but also has famous puppetry theatre and a program for children.

Also, the theatre building itself is included in the European route of historic theatres as part of the European cultural heritage.

The theatre Tosa Jovanovic takes pride in its baroque scene built in 1839. which is the oldest and, arguably the most beautiful theatre scene in the country.

Have the Cultural Center on your radar

The Cultural Center of Zrenjanin is active since 1978. Movie lovers who appreciate artistic,  independent movies, avant-garde and classics will often have the chance to see movies that satisfy their taste, while the repertoire of Cultural center also includes a theatre, children, debate, musical and exhibition program.

Keep in the loop with modern business trends in StartIT center

The very existence of a place such as StartIT establishes Zrenjanin as a modern city. Altghout they slow down a bit in winter, the people of Zrenjanin actually keep pace with the newest business trends. StartIT gathers entrepreneurs and those who hope to become ones, freelancers, programmers, people who work in the IT industry etc.

It is located downtown and they often offer courses, workshops, and organize other related events.

Shopping and entertainment in Aviv park

A trendy shopping mall like Aviv park is perfect for checking out and buying things, and you can find brands such as H & M, NewYorker, Fashion # Store. But they also have a lot of entertainment possibilities, such as workshops and parties for kids, and a cinema, restaurants, coffee shops for adults.

A good example is the restaurant Kovac, where you can often enjoy live music and vivid atmoshpere in the evenings.

Get a kick out of a blockbuster in CineStar Zrenjanin cinema

CineStar Zrenjanin is a 5-star next-generation cinema where you can enjoy the newest blockbusters and other movies in high demand, just like you would in the most modern cinemas in the world.

Indulge in peace and quiet

You may think it’s boring at first, but in the era of fast-paced life, when the most struggle with everyday stress and don’t have enough leisure time, the possibility to unwind, relax and surrender to calm and soothing atmosphere of Zrenjanin is really worth experiencing as a luxury.

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